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Metal Roof Options

Metal Roofing Color Options

Looking for that right fit of metal roofing colors to accent the rest of your home? Click below to view our Bloomington Roofing Company’s large selection of metal roofing colors.

Available Metal Roofing Add-Ons

Armor Upgrade

This paid upgrade changes your order to a 26 gauge metal panel system. A bit thicker gauge in metal roofing is always a better option.

Shield Upgrade

This paid upgrade switches out your standard roofing felt to all high temperature Titanium PSU 30 Ice & Water Shield, to cover the entire roof. This also doubles the workmanship warranty to a 10 year workmanship period.

Stronghold Upgrade

This is a combination of the Armor and Shield upgrades, but at a discounted rate for choosing both.

Snow Guards

Lower pitched roofs have issues with snow and ice build-up sliding off and damaging your gutter systems. This add-on installs bar style snow guards on all of your eaves, to help break up the accumulation.

Frost Coating

This is a textured durable two-coat surface that offers superior resistance to moisture and UV exposure.

All descriptions above are based on RCV Roofing’s application specs too meet the highest requirements of the manufacture.

* Insurance Discount: Homeowners may qualify for a discount with some insurance companies. Please verify with your carrier.

See actual warranty for complete details, limitations and requirements. Lifetime warranty (for as long as the original homeowner owns their home).

** Lifetime workmanship applies to all shingles except Supreme® Shingles. Lifetime workmanship is only available to the original purchaser and is not fully transferable. Contractor is responsible for covering the first two years of workmanship.

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