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Below is a checklist of questions you should ask a roofing contractor before you hire them. The city of Bloomington and surrounding areas do not require roofers to be licensed or insured, so please be sure to verify this information. It will save you from costly problems that could arise if you don’t.

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Is the contractor certified and bonded as a roofing contractor?

Are they well established with a permanent place of business, office phone number, and tax identification number?

Are they current on BOTH General Liability and Workers Comp Insurance?

Does the contractor offer a lien waiver?

Will the work be completed prior to any payment?


Is the contractor certified to install the product used by the manufacturer? *

Do they offer a material warranty that the manufacturer will stand behind?

Do they offer a workmanship warranty that is backed by the manufacturer?

Will they conduct a quality control inspection after work is completed to ensure quality?

Does the contractor tear off every roof, rather than offer layovers?

Do they have office staff to offer consistent communication via phone, fax, and email?

Do they meet and exceed installation specifications, such as 6 nails per shingle, ice and water barrier installed on gutter lines, valleys and wall lines to ensure maximum life of the roof?

Do they use the specified number of accessories to comply with the manufacturer warranty guidelines?


Do they have an A+ rating on BBB?

Are there a substantial number of positive reviews on Google, Angie’s List, etc?

Can the contractor offer up-to-date references upon request?

Have they been in business for at least 5 years?


Does the estimate show an itemized quantity and type of materials?

Do they offer you shingle and warranty options?

Do they inform you of the roofing/project process, so you know what to expect?

Do they offer a detailed contract that is professional and exchanges signatures?


Do they offer emergency services or a way to reach them 24/7?

Will they handle all the insurance paperwork for you?

Is the company locally owned and operated?

Do they offer warranties that are transferable if you were to sell your home?

Are the majority of their jobs one day installs?

Does the contractor register the shingle warranty on your behalf?

Warning Signs to Look Out For

Is a door-to-door salesman knocking on your door?

A reputable contractor does not knock on doors to advertise their services. This should be a huge red flag.

Are they asking for a down payment?

A reputable roofing company will never require payment until the work is completed.

Is their estimate substantially lower than other reputable roofers?

A very low bid may seem attractive, however, often a contractor offering such a low bid is uninsured, offers no warranty or performs substandard work.

Are they offering a roof layover?

Unless old shingles are pulled up, you will not know if you have soft spots or rotten decking. If bad spots remain, you will have larger and costlier problems in the near future. Never let a roofer install a new roof on your house until they have taken up the old roof!

Are they an out of town contractor?

It is much better to work with a local company that has an established presence in the community. Beware of out of state license plates, no local address, a PO Box, or are unable to provide local references.

Do they have inadequate credentials?

A reputable contractor can provide you their license, state tax identification, general liability and workers compensation insurance.

Is the contractor a jack of all trades?

Does the contractor offer a wide variety of services? When you are having work done on your roof, you want to work with a company that specializes in roofing rather than someone who works with roofing, kitchens, drywall, painting, etc…

Do they have a permanent business address?

If not, this may be a telltale sign they are a fly by night contractor that could take your money and run or will not be around to back their work.

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